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About Carbon Decisions International


Carbon Decisions International (CDI) is an independent advisory company specialized in the design of projects, programs and policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the forestry and land-use sector. Our international and multidisciplinary team has been working closely with multilateral banks, international development organizations, governments, private companies, international research centers, space agencies and environmental organizations in Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe and South-East Asia.

We have a solid background in developing Project Design Documents (PDDs) and carbon accounting methodologies under the most respected international standards (CDM, CCBS, VCS). Our team includes experts that have developed specialized software for plantation management and carbon accounting and that have operational experience in the establishment and management of forest plantations.

Our knowledge of international climate change policy, standards and methodologies and experience of working in developing countries, as well as operational experience in implementing forest plantations, allows us to offer innovative and customized solutions to our clients.  Our offer of services covers a broad range of scopes, ranging from project origination, investment advisory and project design for private companies to strategic and policy advice to governments, development agencies, development banks and international standard organizations.

Carbon Decisions International has representatives in Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.